GoSee Global provides a range of technical solutions for Venues, Events, Attractions, small businesses and institutions consisting of digital loyalty & discount passes, e-ticketing platforms, and Cashless solutions via QR Menu ordering & payments.


We have a long history of creating technology that makes businesses and events operate better, and we do not believe in one-off investments or one-trick ponies. GoSee is designed from the ground-up to be adaptable/versatile technology meant to grow with you and your business. We know how important that is to you because it’s important to us too.


James Kane, Founder of GoSee has a track record of building category-defining companies, spanning the globe from multi-industry events to record-breaking celebrations in Asia. Leveraging hospitality and event operations know-how into the creation of the number one, all-inclusive, event ticketing and experience platform in Singapore.


The founder is an entrepreneurial visionary with over 20 years of business development and sales experience in the events and entertainment industry. He has gained his vast experience working with various partners to showcase their talents locally and internationally. He is very much responsible for Brand activation & sponsorship development, client development, client correspondence, along with media relations for those partners.